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Decision on proposed ban on employee’s kin suspended
May 30, 2015, 8:00 am

The Supreme Committee for Planning and Coordination at Kuwait Municipality held a meeting recently during which it first approved to ban non-Kuwaiti employees from working in the same sector of the municipality where one of their relatives work. However, the decision was suspended until it is confirmed that the proposed ban is in line with the laws of Civil Service Commission.

Director of Kuwait Municipality Eng. Ahmad Al-Subaih, who had presided over the meeting, indicated that the committee had initially approved the proposal with the aim of avoiding any suspicions of corruption, use of ‘wasta’ or nepotism and to ensure proper work structure is in place.

He explained that the move is in line with the corruption index requirement, which cements transparency principles, especially principle of fair opportunity in public employment as well as to choose excellent, competent and able elements to meet the municipality’s needs in certain aspects. Eng. Al-Subaih revealed that the decision to implement the ban has been halted until necessary recommendations are issued to affirm that the proposed ban is in line with the Civil Service Commission’s laws. During the meeting, the committee also agreed to form a supervision committee to monitor the cleaning companies which have signed contracts with the municipality.

The supervisory committee will include representatives from the Finance and Administration departments, as well as from branches of Kuwait Municipality in different governorates.

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