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Decision to hike fuel prices will not affect livelihood of citizens
August 13, 2016, 8:16 am

Ministerial sources allayed fears of several members of the National Assembly saying the decision to increase fuel price will not affect the livelihood of citizens. They stressed the concerned government agency will monitor the market for unjustified price increase and take necessary action against violators.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources noted the decision to increase fuel prices will pass through probation period of three months after which government will study its returns on the budge and possible effects on citizens before conducting a general review in that concern.

For this part, MP Kamel Al-Awadhi stated the decision to increase fuel prices without providing financial support will negatively affect citizens and that parliament will not accept it.

Also, MP Dr Abdulrahman Al-Jeran explained that government has promised to study the issue and shown complete flexibility and comprehensive understanding of all its odds. 

Source: Arab Times

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