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Dental Administration prepares for GCC Oral Health week
March 11, 2015, 4:49 pm

Kuwait Dental Administration is preparing for the upcoming sixth Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Oral Health Unified week, under the slogan "Dental Health and Beauty" to kick off March 25.

Director General of dental administration and member of the Gulf oral health Committee Dr. Sabeeh Al-Mutawwa, in remarks to KUNA on Wednesday said that spreading preventive health awareness is a main pillar in fighting the oral and dental diseases, which negatively affects human resources and cost large amount of money for medical treatment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, the dental diseases treatment costs five to 10 percent of the healthcare budgets around the world, while a lot of tooth decay cases are left untreated in low-income countries, due to the high cost of the treatment, she mentioned.

A large number of such cases can be avoided or witness a drop in its number by following simple preventive procedures at home and dental clinics, which are of low cost, she affirmed.

All the country's governorates will witness awareness activities and preventive health services in various places like: hospitals, health centers and clinics, schools, faculties, commercial malls, besides the official website of the dental administration, she said.

The oral healthcare, contributes to a good physical and psychological health, and decreases cost of medical treatment, she added. She wished success for all GCC countries during this event and expressed her thanks to all bodies and institutions that contribute to this week in Kuwait. 

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