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Departments begin issuance of work authorizations for citizens
May 25, 2015, 8:02 am

Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al- Mutawtah said the Farwaniya Labor and National Labor departments started issuance of working authorizations for citizens registered in the private sector on Sunday, reports a local daily. In a press statement, Al- Mutawtah disclosed 18 employees from the National Labor Department in Rumaithiya and eight from Farwaniya Labor Department will work from 4:30 to 7:30 pm to input the data and issue authorizations.

He explained that once the data are entered into the system, the authorizations will be issued immediately; and then appear in the system of the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program and the Public Institute for Social Security.

He also confirmed completion of all preparations for the opening of service centers to issue work authorizations for citizens in case there is a huge crowd in the two departments. He said the authorizations will be issued to 24,000 citizens registered in MGRP who have no authorizations and are benefiting from the category has to obtain the authorizations within three months, starting from the date of issuing decision number 613/2015 and will end on August 9, 2015. He clarified that after this date, citizens registered in MGRP without the authorization will no longer receive support.

Moreover, the latest statistical report revealed that 25,000 citizens registered in the private sector have authorizations while 24,000 others have no authorization, but all of them are receiving support. He added about 4,000 retired Kuwaitis registered in the National Labor are also not benefiting from the support. He went on to say the aforementioned procedures are aimed at ensuring the presence of establishments and the concerned citizens are actually reporting for work. He added this is also aimed at identifying the number of companies benefiting from the national labor support, disclosing the authorizations will be issued annually.

On the documents required to obtain the authorization, Al-Mutawtah enumerated the requirements as follows: registration request at the National Labor Department, original contract, copy of the approved signature and civil identification certificate. He also confirmed the creation of an automated link to ease the registration procedures which will be done only at the Public Authority for Manpower, instead of going to the Public Institution for Social Security and MGRP. 

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