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Deportation awaits anyone found begging
June 17, 2015, 12:09 pm

Director General of Public Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash reaffirmed “immediate deportation awaits anybody (man or woman) who engages in alms begging”, as earlier warned by the Ministry Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad based on directives from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid.

Brigadier Al-Hashash said the decision is in line with the provisions of Article 16 of residency law. He stated the law empowers the ministry to issue a written order to deport any expatriate, even if the person has valid residency, and “it’s also possible through deportation order issued by a court of law if an expatriate does not have any means of survival and the ministry feels that deporting them will serve the public interest, and public security and norms”.

He noted the minister has since issued the directives to curb the act of begging by which some weak-minded people collect money illegally through exploitation of the holy month, indicating the people who engage in alms begging understand that Kuwaitis are naturally hospitable and generous, and they seize the opportunity to defraud citizens.

He stressed the directives affect the sponsors of violators whether individual, company or institution, because they are directly linked with the culprits as their workers or relatives who are in the country for a visit or stay.

He reiterated “anybody caught begging for alms will be deported immediately and their sponsors liable to prosecution”. He added such sponsors will be blacklisted and barred from filing applications to obtain visa for others. Also, he said the General Department for Residence Detectives will conduct relevant investigations to confirm status of the affected individuals, companies and institutions before writing reports about their activities.

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