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Deportation denied for drivers altering profession in licence
December 3, 2015, 8:11 am

Make use of grace period: Al-Muhanna

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al- Muhanna affirmed that expatriates whose driving licenses are withdrawn due to change in their professions will not be deported. Major General Al- Muhanna clarified this in order to dispel fears resultant from misinterpretation of the decision concerning change in mechanism for issuance of licenses to expatriates.

He referred to decision No. 393 issued in April 2013, which stipulates that expatriates whose residence permits have been canceled will not be issued driving licenses until after two years, and they will have to start the procedures afresh.

Major General Al-Muhanna assured that the decision will not apply to those who obtained driving licenses before the decision was issued due to which the process of withdrawal of license over change in profession will not affect them.

He reiterated that those who obtained the license after the decision was issued will automatically lose their driving licenses when they change their profession into one that does not warrant granting of license.

Major General Al-Muhanna listed the conditions for obtaining driving license, which are — the applicant’s salary must not be less than KD600 per month, he must have a university degree and he must have stayed in the country for two years. He affirmed that the validity of license is linked to the validity of residence permits for all licenses issued before and after the decision.

Major General Al-Muhanna urged expatriates who are affected by the decision to submit their licenses to the traffic departments in order to avoid possible legal procedures against them. He indicated that security operatives can easily detect invalid licenses using the electronic interface between the General Traffic Department, General Department for Residency Affairs and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Meanwhile, Major General Al-Muhanna also urged citizens and expatriates to make use of the one-month grace period during which the block on payment of certain traffic fines will be lifted, starting from 1 December. He explained that some fines cannot be paid unless legal procedures are taken first, particularly for cases that are regarded as serious traffic violations such as driving without license, illegal car racing, betting, reckless driving that endanger the lives of other road users and using vehicles for purposes other than the specified ones.

Source: Arab Times

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