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Deportation hangs on heads of expats like Sword of Damocles
January 4, 2015, 8:49 am

Several new Kuwaiti laws and legislations have reportedly been used to discriminate against foreigners, according to Middle East Eye quoting several local newspapers. According to newly established policies instituted by the interior ministry and other authorities, a bundle of previously mundane blunders could lead to the imposition of fines and deportation of foreigners in Kuwait.

Among the prohibitions are: having a barbecue on the beach or in a public park, foreign teachers helping students cheat at educational institutes, violating driving laws and collecting donations without a permit, according to a Facebook Page called Residents in Kuwait.

Local newspaper Al-Seyassah reported on Dec 29 that Egyptian and Lebanese foreign ministers in Kuwait are pleading with government officials to provide their nationals adequate notice periods before fining or deporting them.  Over the past week, a raft of shocking news headlines included: “Foreigners with expired passports have two months before they are deported”; “Foreigners forced to bring their passports to beach parties to avoid deportation and fines”; and “Save us Interior Minister from the fines.”

According to Kuwaiti law, decisions to deport a foreigner cannot be appealed. Kuwaiti poet and writer, Thiraa’ Al-Rashidy in an article published Thursday in Kuwaiti electronic newspaper Sbar condemned Kuwaiti officials for passing arbitrary policies that aim to discriminate against foreign nationals in the country.

“The process is not dependent on individuals and how they feel. People’s lives and futures are being held hostage to these arbitrary policies,” said Rashidy. “Deportation policies will harm the whole of the country, foreigners and nationals,” he added. According to the poet, Kuwait is a signatory to several international covenants and charters which prohibit its officials from deporting any resident lawfully present in the country without a court order.

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