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Desperate workers protest in front of Indian embassy
February 15, 2017, 5:34 pm

Several hundred Indian employees of one of Kuwait’s leading infrastructure development companies, Kharafi National, brought their grievances to the Indian embassy on Wednesday morning.

The workers, who had not been paid their monthly salaries for nearly six months and have been living under desolate conditions in their camp in Shuaiba Industrial Area, arrived in front of the embassy to describe their suffering to the ambassador. They beseeched the embassy’s assistance to find a way out of the current dismal situation, and to help them obtain their long overdue salaries.

The workers have become desperate with no salaries and no access to other monetary resources. The thousands of workers stranded at the company’s labor camps, have been suffering for weeks at a stretch without water, poor sanitation, intermittent electricity and no proper medical attention.

Every month the company had repeatedly assured the workers they would get their salaries, only to renege on the promises at the end of the month. The workers said all they wanted was the salaries owed to them for their months of sweat and hard labor, and the right to return home safely. 


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