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Diatribe launched against oil minister unfair, says MP
May 30, 2015, 10:11 am

MP Abdul Rahman Al- Jeeran said he is astonished so see some MPs attacking the Minister of Oil and State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Al-Omair even before the completion of a report by the National Assembly’s investigation committee into the distribution of agricultural land which does not serve the interest of Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR). In defending the minister, Al- Jeeran pointed to a number of achievements made by Al-Omair in the area of environment and agriculture and lately in the oil sector in terms of wresting the authority from the hands of a few influential people and stakeholders in these sectors.

He called on any MP who has evidence concerning abuse in the distribution of farmlands to come forward and discuss it in the Parliament and through the media. He stressed the Parliament is the only authorized venue to look into the alleged irregularities. He also stressed that Al-Omair had joined the government with the aim of pushing forward reforms spelled out by His Highness the Amir, saying reforms cannot be attained at once because it is part of understanding and application of law and not unjustified escalation, “especially if we know that the Minister Al-Omair cannot be held responsible for the irregularities committed in the distribution of the farmlands since this happened when Al- Omair was not in the government.” In conclusion, Al-Jeeran praised the directives given by HH the Amir and his intention to apply the law on all without exception and his confirmation to continue prioritizing public interests over special interest.

Meanwhile, MP Abdul Hamid Dashti criticized what he called the double standard policy in the application of laws on some leading executives of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), and called on Minister Al-Omair to apply the principles of justice and equality enshrined in the Kuwaiti Constitution. In a press statement, MP Dashti said according to directives of the Prime Minister, the KPC board had issued a decision in April 2013 to refer to retirement everyone who had served the corporation for 35 years and above and that the decision was to be applied continuously, “but what is strange is there are seven executive officials in the KPC who have exceeded this limit and continue to serve in clear violation of the decision.”

The minister must clarify reasons why his decision has not been implemented and why these men have not been referred to retirement. He wondered why this procrastination, adding these executives want KD half a million in bonuses and other financial privileges apart from the end of service benefits, which according to regulations and bylaws when someone resigns or retires, each of these people would receive end of service benefits according to his years of service ranging from KD 400,000 to 750,000.

Dashti went on to say “We know that Al-Omair is a reformist and we know that those leaders are backed by KPC’s board which was formed by the former oil minister, but this requires Omair to apply the decisions and immediately refer these seven men to retirement because any additional bonuses they would receive unjustly is a waste of public money. “This is unacceptable and all should be treated equally.”

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