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Disciplinary authority holds first session to tackle financial offenses
June 27, 2016, 8:29 am

A disciplinary authority tasked with handling financial offenses held its inaugural and "historic" session last Wednesday, Head of the Department of Fatwa and Legislation Salah Al-Masaad said on Sunday.

The disciplinary authority's session tackled a myriad of financial cases as the offenders were summoned to face charges leveled against them, Al-Masaad said in a press statement to KUNA, adding that this represents a major step towards justice and protection of public funds.

Moreover, he revealed that the session reviewed eight financial offenses, with the next one slated for July 13 where these trials will continue. Al-Masaad also added that all those found guilty of financial misconduct would be held fully accountable.

Meanwhile, the State Audit Bureau has referred a total of 37 financial offenses in various government bodies to these disciplinary trials, where they will be inspected thoroughly, Al-Masaad added.

The disciplinary authority, a special council formed by way of an edict issued by the State Audit Bureau, is authorized to indict anyone accused of financial offenses.

In disciplinary trials, defendants are required to personally appear in court with their lawyers to answer charges against them, where they reserve the right to rebut these charges, as a final verdict can only be issued once the rebuttal process is over. 

Source: KUNA

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