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Discontinuation of SMS charge from applicants by CKGS Kuwait
October 1, 2015, 1:04 pm

The Embassy has seen numerous complaints from Indian community in Kuwait about SMS charge of Kuwaiti Dinar 0.400 by M/s Cox & Kings Services (CKGS) Kuwait, the outsourced agency of the Embassy for passport and visa services, from applicants seeking passports or visa services.

The SMS charge (under Value Added Service category) of KD 0.400 has been discontinued with immediate effect. Applicants are hereby advised that they should not pay any SMS charge to M/s CKGS, Kuwait. It may be noted that the Embassy is issuing Indian passports on the same working day of receipt of applications from the above agency in Kuwait. Therefore, applicants should normally get their passports on the third (or latest fourth) working day from CKGS, Kuwait.

Similarly, all visas are issued on the same working day on receipt of visa applications from the above agency. The visa applicants should get their visas on the third working day from the above agency.  In any case, there is a provision to check the status through on-line Tracking system provided by CKGS, Kuwait at free of cost.

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