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Dispute on visit health cover - Ministries condition nod
November 15, 2014, 8:40 am

Representatives of the Foreign Affairs, Interior, Social Affairs ministries and members of the parliamentary Health Committee had disagreements on the proposed health insurance for foreigners entering the country on visit visas, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources. In Tuesday’s committee meeting, the representatives of each ministry presented conditions for approval of the bill.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underscored the need to ensure that the bill is in line with the foreign policies of Kuwait without affecting the international agreements signed between it and some other countries, as well protecting its mechanism in dealing with other countries, sources added.

According to sources, the Ministry of Interior wants to deal with the issue depending on how other countries provide treatment to Kuwaitis but the panel members expressed dissatisfaction over the recommendation as the medical services in most countries are below the standard.

The panel members argued that when Kuwaitis visit other countries and fall sick during the visit, they undergo treatment in private hospitals; yet Kuwait’s governmental hospitals provide advanced medical treatment and most of those who visit the country do so only to undergo treatment in public hospitals here.

Sources went on to say the meeting ended without the parties reaching any agreement on the bill, indicating a grace period of two weeks was then given to all parties to finalize their viewpoint on the proposal.

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