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Dispute over Saudi-Kuwait oilfield nears resolution
December 21, 2015, 4:12 pm

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are nearing a resolution in their dispute over a shared oil field, according to reports in the kingdom.

Kuwaiti authorities have overturned a decision by Al Ahmadi Municipality to shutdown Saudi Arabian Chevron’s offices near the jointly-operated Al Wafra onshore oilfield, in Kuwait’s south, claiming it was illegally operating in the country’s territory.

The refinery has been closed since May as the two countries continue to attempt to resolve the dispute.

Kuwait also has refused to issue visas to non-Saudi workers at the site.

Chevron, which operates the refinery on behalf of Saudi Arabia, and the Kuwaiti Gulf Oil Company, which represents the Kuwaiti side of operations, sent non-vital staff on leave from August 1.

Chevron spokeswoman Sally Jones said in May, "Current difficulties in securing work permits and materials have impacted the company's operations".

Arab News reported on Monday that the reversal of the municipality’s decision came as both sides neared a solution to the dispute.

There has been no official statements.

Source: AB

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