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Domestic helpers to accompany sponsors abroad only with approval
November 22, 2016, 11:38 am

Director General of Residency Affairs Major General Talal Maarafi has revealed that the department has launched organizational procedures where domestic helpers have to present their permission to travel abroad with their sponsor. 

The facility is only available for Kuwaiti sponsors, and according to the details, the domestic helper must visit the department to sign a form stating his/her agreement to travel and work for the sponsor and his family abroad. This is in accordance with item 46 of the domestic help law 68/2015 which underscores that a sponsor does not have the right to ask a domestic helper to work outside Kuwait, and if this happens without consent, the helper will be returned to his/her country at the expense of the employer.

Maarafi speaks about citizens who wish to travel abroad accompanied by their domestic helpers for a period exceeding six months, he advises them to go to the domestic help department at the interior ministry to get the helpers’ consent to travel and work outside Kuwait in order to receive a permission to stay over six months.

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