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Domestics firm report finalized
June 10, 2015, 9:32 am

The parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee has finalized its report on the proposed establishment of a company for the recruitment of domestic workers, says MP Kamil Al-Awadhi. He confirmed inclusion of the bill in the agenda of the session scheduled for June 16, especially since majority of the MPs support it. He said the Kuwait investment Authority (KIA) and Public Authority for Minors Affairs (PAMA) will participate in this company; stressing its main objective is to help citizens by regulating fees for the recruitment of domestic workers, not to make profits.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Priorities Committee MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah disclosed the panel has reached an agreement with National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim to hold sessions during Ramadan in order to complete deliberations on the priorities set by the legislative and executive authorities. He said there will be sessions on June 16, 17, 23, 24 and 30 while the closing session is slated for July 1.

He added the Parliament intends to complete discussions on 10 bills as follows: surveillance cameras, cybercrimes, end of military service benefit, appointment of officials, Jaber University, family nursery, diplomats, development plan, domestic workers and juveniles. He affirmed the Parliament is also keen on finalizing deliberations on the budgets of public institutions, indicating the financial status of the State will be discussed on July 1.

Furthermore, the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee is keen on finalizing the draft bills on judiciary autonomy and argument to be included in the agenda of the National Assembly in a bid to push for its approval before the parliamentary recess. However, the committee postponed talks on the proposed amendment of the Subordinate Courts Law, particularly the stipulation on pre-trial detention until the representatives of the Criminal Investigation Department, Public Prosecution and General Investigation Department are able to attend meetings in this regard.

Rapporteur of the Committee MP Abdul Hamid Dashti said the Priorities Committee sent a letter requesting for completion of discussions on the juvenile and judiciary autonomy bills to guarantee their inclusion in the agenda of the Parliament. He affirmed the committee is willing to finalize the judiciary autonomy bill because of its importance. He argued the judiciary autonomy bill is long overdue, indicating he does not understand why the government delayed submission of its opinion on the proposal considering the judicial and executive authorities had earlier confirmed their willingness to support it.

He hopes the speaker will refer it to the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee as a matter of urgency to pave way for its approval in the National Assembly. He added the committee will discuss on Sunday the proposed amendments to the draft bill on cybercrimes, which was passed in its first reading in the previous session. He also emphasized the significance of this bill due to its vital role in regulating social networking sites.

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