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Don't give ration products to those under 18
September 10, 2016, 8:49 am

The Ministry of Commerce and industry issued a circular to all supplies branches in the six governorates to stop giving ration products to those under 18 years old, even if their names are listed on the ration card, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

The circular also ordered suspension of distribution of ration goods to domestic workers unless they present the original civil identity card of their sponsors and their names should be added to the ration card.

This move came when the ministry started applying the new ration distribution system which electronically links all ration supplies branches for the ministry to supervise the distribution directly.

The circular states it is no longer allowed to exchange children milk purchased from ration supplies branches, limiting the exchange in the ministry as per the reform plan it has adopted to regulate the distribution of ration products.

The ministry set up a new system, in cooperation with Kuwait Company for Supplies, to cover every supplies center, in order to improve the work system of the supply sector and expand the ministry's control and supervision on the distribution process, in addition to monitoring stocks and storage and issuing replenishment orders.

According to the ministry, this system guarantees availability of supplies at all times, easier access to information and taking necessary measures quickly.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Dr. Al-Al-Obeidi disclosed that a total of 311 employment slots were subjected 'Kuwaitization' policy from 2011 to 2015, reports Al Anba daily.

In response to the question of MP Muhammad Al-Huweila on the strategic vision of the ministry regarding “Kuwaitization',  Al-Obeidi explained the process is done in accordance with the policies of the Civil Service Commission.

He pointed out the ministry accepts all Kuwaitis referred by the commission in various fields of specialization with the objective ofreplacing foreign manpower with nationals.

Source: Arab Times

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