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Dr. Rumane honored with medal
May 26, 2014, 10:00 am

Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane is honoured with Albert Schweitzer Medal for Science, Social Science, Engineering & Peace for his contribution in the field of Construction Quality Management.

International senate of Albert Schweitzer International Foundation (ASIF) selected only three candidates for 2013 ASIF Medal from 155 nominations received from 16 countries. ASIF award consists of a very prestigious Medal weighing 182 grams and a diploma.
Dr. Rumane is   Ph. D. is a Registered Senior Consultant with The Chartered Quality Institute (UK) and a certified consultant engineer in electrical engineering.

Dr. Rumane has been awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering from The Yorker International University. He is an author of books titled “Quality Management in Construction Projects” and "Quality Tools for Managing Construction Projects"  both published by CRC Press (A Taylor & Francis Group Company), USA.

Dr. Rumane is an accomplished engineer has received many international honors and award. He has attended many international conferences and made technical presentations. Dr. Rumane's biography has been listed by various international publishers in their various title books.

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