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Draft to protect society from fraudulent, devious people
December 5, 2015, 8:32 am

MP Dr Khalil Abdullah together with several MPs revealed the intention to present a draft law that criminalizes any person who makes false claim about having a specific professional capacity, reports Al-Nahar daily. He pointed out that the draft law will protect society from fraudulent, deceptive and devious people, and also prevent the government establishments from making unmerited appointments that aim at pleasing so-and-so.

In a press statement, Dr Al- Abdullah indicated some people falsely claim to have specific professional qualifications and with job titles such as lawyer, consultant and others, but their credentials are unrecognized. Others claim to be consultants or experts in specific professions without having proper qualifications or years of experience qualifying them for such titles, he stressed.

He indicated the issue of ‘title’ has created a mess in Kuwait, while the country continues to bear the repercussions. Many people appear in the media under false titles, and distribute business cards bearing their titles. Dr Al-Abdullah affirmed that whoever holds ‘unrecognized’ certificates or uses a specific title based on certain merits will face the rigors of law “because issues of this nature are considered as fraud”. He encouraged those influenced by people bearing false titles — whether individuals or government, to file legal complaints.

Sorce: Arab Times

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