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Drama as Kuwaiti advertised as liquor bootlegger
January 14, 2014, 2:17 pm

A Kuwaiti man has requested police assistance after he was flooded with calls ordering bootlegged bottles of alcohol in what appeared to be a mistaken use of his phone number.

The man, who discovered that he had been mistaken for an alcohol bootlegger, allegedly had nothing to do with the illicit business. He asked those who wanted to place their orders why they were calling him specifically and he was shocked to learn that his phone number was posted on social networks as a provider of imported bottles of alcohol.

The unsuspecting man told the police in the upscale area of Salmiya in the capital Kuwait City that he checked the internet and saw an advertisement for alcoholic beverages that listed his phone number for contacts, local daily Al Rai reported on Tuesday.

He added that he could not think of any person who would intentionally include his number in the advertisement and insisted on identifying the person who was behind the “tarnishing of his name” so that he could press charges.

The case was referred to the electronic crime division for investigation.

The consumption, importation and brewing of alcohol are strictly forbidden in Kuwait. Trafficking in liquor, drunken behaviour in public and driving under the influence of alcohol are punishable offences that make offenders liable to a fine or imprisonment and deportation in case they are not Kuwaiti citizens.


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