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Drive them away from this country
July 1, 2015, 11:01 am

Four days after the terrorist attack in the Shiite mosque on Friday, stories are emerging on what actually happened from the perspective of patients at the hospital.

Adel Al-Hazeem is a victim of the bombing on admission on the fourth floor at the Amiri Hospital. He told a local newspaper what he saw before and after the bombing and how he thought he could help wounded people out of the place, only to realize that he needed urgent medical attention himself. “I do remember all of the details. During our Sujud in the fourth raka’at, I heard someone from the very far back say “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar”, we thought he was late in following us to pray, and after that we heard a very big explosion. And that bombing unfortunately destroyed the people around him, mostly my friends actually, God bless their souls. All of the area became very messy, everything destroyed, the wood works, ceiling, air conditioning decks, the ceiling fell down on us. At that time it was your luck to have a small piece or big piece falling on you. For my side I received a big piece of object dropping on my lower back, breaking three of my vertebrae, L1, L2 and L3.

My brother brought me to the hospital and at that time I did not feel really much pain. I tried to figure out what is going on but all of the areas were really hard to see because of the big dust emanating from the explosion.

Everyone was screaming from their pains, and I tried to find out about my friends and brothers who were around me and needed help. But unfortunately I discovered that my own pain wouldn’t allow me to help anyone.

So I decided to go out from the closest exit then I fell down and one of my brothers took me out to the hospital and that’s why I am here. Asked if he would avoid congregational prayers, Al-Hazeem said praying in the mosque in congregation is a matter of faith, pointing out that there are a lot of mosques in the country and these people with this kind of mentality can go anywhere to cause trouble, not any specific mosque.

The mosque should be a place of peace and not a place where one worries would be a target of terrorism. The government, the people who have the responsibility should carry that responsibility of fighting the terrorists to drive them away from this country”.

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