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Driver reveals details of the Kuwait mosque attack
July 6, 2015, 10:49 am

The driver who took the Saudi bomber to Al Sadiq mosque in Kuwait where he blew himself up amid worshippers had been given the explosives belt four days before the deadly blast.

“Abdul Rahman Sabah was contacted by the terrorist group Daesh four days ahead of the bombing and was told to head to the Zoor area where he would meet two people,” security sources told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.

“The pair gave him an ice box in which they had concealed the explosives belt and instructed him on its use. They told him that the targeted mosque had been selected and carefully monitored and that he should have no concern or worries,” the daily reported on Monday.

On Thursday Abdul Rahman was again contacted by Daesh and informed that a man would be waiting for him at an hotel in the Farawniya on Friday at 7 am. He was told that the man would be wearing a red ghitra (headdress) and a light brown thawb (traditional Arabian clothes).

The interior ministry later said that the bomber, Fahad Sulaiman Abdul Mohsen Al Gabbaa, arrived on a flight to Kuwait airport at dawn on Friday.

In the morning, the two men met at the hotel as agreed and Abdul Rahman took Fahad to his home before heading to a supermarket where they bought shaving blades.

“The two men carried the icebox inside the house and Fahad took off his clothes, put on the explosives belt and wore a loose thawb to conceal it and avoid attracting attention. He them put on a white ghitra that Abdul Rahman got him,” the sources said.

“Abdul Rahman made sure that Fahad knew how to detonate the explosives before encouraging him, telling him that he would go to Heaven. The pair then drove to Al Sadiq Mosque.”

Abdul Rahman parked the car 150 metres away from the mosque and Fahad got off and walked to the building. He was not spotted by the security men standing in the area and made his way into the edifice where he blew himself up killing 27 worshippers and wounding 227.

Following the explosion, Abdul Rahman drove away to the Salibiya area and contacted his Daesh handlers to inform them that the mission had been accomplished successfully.

“He was afraid and contacted his brother telling him there would be police operations and raids against religious people and wanted him to assist him in finding a hideout. His brother took him to a second flat he kept in the Salmiya area, leaving the car used to transport the suicide bomber in Salibiya,” the sources added.

The car contained the clothes that Fahad had worn on his trip from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and the icebox where the explosives belt had been concealed.

“Abdul Rahman spent the night with his brother and four of his friends. The next day, he left them and went to the Riqqa area where he and his wife were renting part of a house that belonged to another suspect Fahad Shakhir.”

Abdul Rahman and his wife were arrested there by the security authorities and taken for investigation. “During the questioning, he admitted his role and provided details about the operation and the implication of other suspects and their relationship with the Daesh group,” the sources said.

Source: Al Rai Daily

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