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Drug peddler, thief in mask
May 20, 2015, 11:49 am

A masked youth involved in several robberies and drug peddling was arrested by security operatives based on instructions from the Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for public security affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali. He was in possession of 18 pieces of shabu and money. Security source said the Jahra security director colonel Waleed Shahab received information that a masked person was attacking and robbing people in the area.

Acting on information, security operatives directed by the assistant undersecretary for public security affairs pursued and arrested him. He is said to have preyed on Asians and robbed them, and also peddled in narcotics. The same source added a trap was set by the director of operations in Jahra and the suspect was arrested in possession of the aforementioned items. He is reported to have sold 200 pieces of the contraband every day


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