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Dusty weather to prevail in coming 2 days
June 22, 2014, 4:47 pm

The windy and dusty weather is forecast to prevail in the coming two days, announced an official of the Civil Aviation on Sunday.

Dust-spewing winds, reached 70 km/h in North-western Kuwait, while visibility dropped to 150 meters, with temperature ranging between 41 and 45 degrees, said Dr. Hussein Al-Sarraf, the head of the maritime forecast department.

Horizontal visibility at Kuwait International Airport fell to 2,100 m, while gales reached 60 km/h.Now, temperature is measured 43 degrees.

Visibility is forecast to improve as of tonight, but the dusty winds will continue today, tomorrow and the day after, along with moderate north-westerly winds, 20-50 km/h.

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