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E-publishing department receives 213 requests for media permits
July 31, 2016, 4:07 pm

The electronic publishing department (e-publishing) has received a total of 213 requests for media permits, Assistant Undersecretary of the press and publications department at the Ministry of Information (MoI) Khaled Al-Rashidi said on Sunday.

The e-publishing department remains open for more requests for those looking for media permits, as stipulated by the newly-enacted electronic media law, Al-Rashidi told KUNA.

Moreover, he noted that the e-publishing department has launched an exclusive website to receive those requests, in addition to setting up a hotline to answer any queries.

The measure comes as part of the MoI's efforts to propel the media sector in the country to new levels, Al-Rashidi said. He also underscored that the electronic media law represents a quantum step forward to further develop media in Kuwait.

The MoI has called on all electronic media outlets to abide by the law, which works to promote freedom of expression while ensuring unhindered access to information.

Source: KUNA

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