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E-stamp machines breakdown causes congestion
December 28, 2016, 9:05 am

Severe congestion was experienced in a number of government and private utilities and offices especially immigration departments, service centers and clinics due to breakdown of estamps machines, reports Arab Times daily.

Many visitors expressed their resentment over the failure of the e-stamp machines, stressing on the need for supplying these utilities with technicians to repair the faults in these machines in order to avoid delays in completion of transactions and congestion in the offices.

In this regard, Al-Qabas daily reported that departments of Residency Affairs, Immigration, Traffic and other sectors of Ministry of Interior also experienced severe congestion last two days due to lack of paper stamps.

The visitors to these departments were surprised when the issuance of paper stamps was replaced by e-stamps but the e-stamp machines were out-of-order. They had to search for machines that were still issuing stamps in order to complete their transactions.

Some even had to request the cleaning workers and office boys for stamps and obtained them at double the price in order to complete their transactions.

Meanwhile, officials of Ministry of Interior’s sectors affirmed that the crisis related to lack of stamps indicates the inability of the few available e-stamp machines to handle the huge number of visitors as well as the reduced number of such machines in most of the governmental departments which in turn lead to congestion in most of the governmental offices.

Source: Arab Times

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