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EPA, KNPC teams trying to contain 800-meter-long oil spill at Abdullah Port - Al-Enezi
December 20, 2014, 8:25 am
Environment Public Authority Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs Mohammad Al-Enezi

Emergency teams from the Environment Public Authority (EPA) and Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) were Friday placing special hurdles to contain an 800-meter-long, three-meter-wide oil spill at Abdullah Port shore.

Mohammad Al-Enezi, EPA's Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs, said the emergency teams were currently working on placing fences to separate the oil sector facilities and the chalets at Abdullah Port.

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Enezi said the emergency teams began their work after citizens at the chalets announced they spotted an oil spill at the port, which was caused by a leak of deisel.

He underscored that EPA was dealing with the incident with complete transperancy, and would inform the public about any development.
Meanwhile, KNPC confirmed there was no leak from any of its facilities, whether the refinery at Abdullah Port.

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