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EPA: Severe salinity leads to fish mortality in Kuwait Bay
May 4, 2017, 9:01 am

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has announced that it observed a severe drop in salinity of the Kuwait Bay waters through plants near Shuwaikh and Doha ports. This led to the demise of fish and marine life, EPA said Wednesday.

In a press statement, EPA's deputy director for technical affairs Mohammad Al-Enezi, said data has showed a sharp drop in salinity in the Bay, adding that it was an indication of heavy water drainage in that area.

He noted that research was underway to make sure of the source of water. He stressed that the authority is currently following up these changes to maintain safety of marine life.

The authority advised bodies responsible for these areas to abide by the new environment protection law, confirming its determination to hold perpetrators of these violations accountable.

Source: KUNA

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