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EPD team issues citations against 13 eateries for dumping waste in sewers
April 5, 2016, 8:52 am

The Control and Inspection Section in the Environment Police Department (EPD) at the Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and Environment Public Authority (EPA), conducted a surprise inspection campaign targeting several restaurants as part of efforts to protect the environment.

In a press statement, the ministry revealed that a team of environmental police officers issued citations to 13 restaurants inside a commercial complex in Subhan for throwing waste in sewers and for violating regulations set by MPW and EPA. The officers took samples from the sewers to confirm absence of bacteria or any other contaminants which could harm the public.

These samples were referred to the concerned bodies for further tests. The officers based their actions on articles 33 and 18 of the Environmental Law, which strictly prohibits dumping all types of garbage anywhere other than the dust bins or waste disposal areas. They urged everyone to fully abide by the engineering and environmental regulations stipulated in the executive bylaws of the Environmental Law. The Environment Police Department affirmed continuation of such campaigns, in coordination with other concerned authorities to ensure strict compliance with the law and to arrest violator.

Source: Arab Times

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