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Education Ministry considers teaching traffic awareness - Min. Al-Mulaifi
April 23, 2014, 9:22 am
Minister of education Ahmad Al-Mulaifi

Minister of education Ahmad Al-Mulaifi said Tuesday the ministry was considering the teaching of traffic awareness because it was important to spread "culture of respect" of law among students.
"Teaching traffic awareness in schools is unquestionable," Al-Mulaifi said in a speech at the opening of a forum and exhibition themed "Until When Our Streets Bleed?" at Rawda High School for girls.

"Specialists in the Ministry of Education are studying all means to introduce this subject either through curricula and books, or through school activities ... to boost the traffic awareness among students," he said.

Drivers realize the importance of respecting traffic laws, said Al-Mulaifi, which should be a well-established culture.

Al-Mulaifi, meanwhile, said the ministry of education was considering the increase of school buses to include more students.

Fatma Al-Ali, Principal of Rawda High School for girls, said the school has been shedding light on the traffic issue because of painful accidents in the streets nationwide.
She called for collaboration of efforts to address the traffic congestions. 

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