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Education set to terminate Expats at 60
March 18, 2015, 10:22 am

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al-Essa is expected to terminate the services of expatriate employees who have reached 60 years old soon, reports a local daily quoting sources.

The sources disclosed this came after the minister approved the first batch of employees selected for termination of services.

They explained the minister is trying to implement policies concerning replacement of old employees with younger ones to reinvigorate the institution and infuse fresh blood into it. They said the concerned officials will consider age of the employees regardless of the number of years in service.

The sources added the termination decision covers the teaching and administrative staff, indicating the plan will be implemented at the beginning of the next academic year to avoid disruption of the current academic year.

In a letter sent to directors general of educational districts, religious education department and instructors, the concerned department asked them to submit list of expatriate teaching and administrative staff who reached 60 years old.

The letter also stressed the need to provide this information as soon as possible. The sources said the ministry will not rescind its decision in order to ensure reliance on younger generation. They clarified there is no legal restriction preventing termination of expatriate teachers and administrative staff. They added the contract states that either of the parties may terminate the contract without mentioning the reasons.

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