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Efforts in vain to regain lost citizenship
August 25, 2016, 9:09 am

People who had acquired the citizenship of Kuwait through fraudulent means are exerting tremendous efforts, in vain, to regain what they have lost.

Sources said the Ministry of Interior has resolved this issue once and for all and steps taken by some people will render ineffective – steps such as seeking a judicial ruling – because the ruling will not be binding on the Ministry of Interior since legislation gives the power to the ministry to grant and withdraw citizenship.

However, the sources explained the doors to the judiciary are open for anyone who wants to sue anyone for any reason. The sources quoting ministry officials said the decision to withdraw the passports and the nationality falls within the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior.

The sources pointed out scores of passports have been withdrawn from citizens who were found guilty of committing crimes or violating laws in other countries, particularly alcohol and drug abuse cases, and misbehavior in discos abroad.

The decision to withdraw the passports was taken at stake is the reputation of Kuwait overseas. The sources pointed when these people sought the intervention of the judiciary, the courts ruled in their favor but the passports have yet to be returned to them because granting and withdrawing passports falls within the sovereignty of the State.

The sources pointed out those who seek a court verdict to restore their citizenship must think otherwise because it is the Ministry of Interior which determines the Kuwait Nationality Law. 

Source: Arab Times

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