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Efforts to control egg prices
January 1, 2014, 11:48 pm
Wiith the start of 2014, consumers began to complain about the low stocks of eggs in cooperatives and the rise of prices compared to other markets. Some local egg producers are accused of hiking prices deliberately and cutting supplies to cooperatives. Head of the cooperatives union Abdelaziz Al-Samhan said the union pays special attention to this issue, and said many meetings were held with egg suppliers and there are positive indicators to solve the problems both sides face. Al-Samhan said there are promises from local companies to improve the situation and meet the required demand, along with controlling prices without increases. He lauded the cooperation of these companies and hoped cooperation continues for the sake of the consumer.
Chairman of Al-Salam and Al- Siddiq cooperative Jassm Al-Kandari confirmed that egg supplies were down lately, though the co-op is keen to make everything available so that the consumer does not feel something is missing, bearing in mind that eggs are fast-moving items. He hoped that quick solutions are available between the coops and companies, as eggs are a vital item that consumers buy on a daily basis. Vice-chairman of Yarmouk Co-op Khalid Al-Habib expressed displeasure towards the decision by Commerce and Industry Ministry that increased eggs prices by 5 percent at a time when consumers are still dealing with the latest increase four months ago. He said this increase will cause the rise of other food prices and the victim is the consumer.
Habib found it strange for the Commerce Ministry to approve the unjustified hike in eggs prices, especially that the ministry is supposed to confront any artificial increase in prices. He said the ministry blocked attempts by co-ops to face the increase. He said it is clear that businessmen have strong influence at the Commerce Ministry, and this is clear through its agreement with their justification of price increases, which is increased feed prices and that co-ops charge companies rent, adding these justifications are absolutely false as “eggs are the only product that have no fees are imposed on it”. He said “we at Yarmouk co-op buy eggs from the market for cash at company prices, and this disproves the justifications
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