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Egyptians job title ‘Fisherman’ to ‘legal specialist’ faces sacking
September 2, 2014, 8:46 am

An Egyptian employee in the Ministry of Higher Education whose job title was changed from “Fisherman” to “Legal Specialist” will be fired based on a decision issued by Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Abdul-Mohsin Al-Mudej to terminate his appointment.

A copy of the letter forwarded by the Legal Affairs Unit in the Ministry of Higher Education to the Immigration Department at Capital Governorate demanding for change of his job title from fisherman to legal specialist was posted on social media. Commenting on the issue, MP Nabil Al-Fadhl declared the decision to terminate the appointment was in order but inadequate. He is of the view that the Egyptian should not have been penalized alone. He stressed the official who sent the request to Interior Ministry should equally have been fired.

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