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Eighth day comparison between 2016, 2013 parliament candidacy registration
October 27, 2016, 8:19 am

Number of candidates for the 8th day since registration opened for the 2016 parliamentary elections, slated for November 26, came to 36, including one woman. This takes the overall tally to 357 hopefuls, with one candidate withdrawal.

The fifth constituency had the lion's share on Wednesday with 16 candidates, followed by the second and fourth (seven candidates), first constituency with four and two in the third constituency.

In comparison; the 8th day of registration in the 2013 elections saw 47 candidates, including one woman, with the fifth constituency dominating again (21 candidates) followed by the fourth constituency (14 candidates), third constituency (five candidates), second constituency (four candidates) and first constituency (three candidates).

However, number of candidates who registered for the annulled 2012 parliament elections came to 26 in Day 8, with no women enrolled. The second constituency came ahead in terms of candidates with seven, followed by the fifth (six candidates), the first and fourth (five candidates) and the third (three candidates).

As per Law 20/2012, a total of 10 candidates will be listed in each constituency. The electorate can only vote for one candidate per constituency.

Source: KUNA

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