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Electricity cut off in two Farwaniya Buildings
February 16, 2016, 10:02 am

In Farwaniya, residents living in two nine-storey buildings have had their electricity cut for the last seven days allegedly by Ministry of Electricity and Water due to unsettled electricity bills. A resident of the building revealed to The Kuwait Times that building owner has not paid the electricity bills for years, and for that they are suffering the last week.

The house rent is inclusive of electricity, but allegedly due to the building owner’s mismanagement, the weaker residents such as the elderly and children have to deal with a host of issues, including using the stairs to reach the flats.

Kuwait Times spoke to the haris of the building, but he was unable to offer a suitable and accurate answer. He did mention at an earlier interview with the local media that there was no electricity for seven days, but did not specify a reason. He affirmed that people of the building were undergoing great strain and it would get worse once the weather gets hotter. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do.

Power cuts are common in Kuwait due to rent disputes.

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