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Embassy of India to issue Emergency Certificate for Residency Law violators – ‘For Indians seeking to leave Kuwait’
January 13, 2016, 8:15 am

On Jan 10, 2016, the Ministry of Interior, Kuwait has announced special dispensation (partial amnesty) for all illegal residents in Kuwait. As per the announcement, residency violators will be allowed to pay their fines and either legalize their status or leave the country without being black-listed. But this would apply to those who voluntarily participate in the above scheme and that the Residency Affairs Departments across the country are ready to receive violators in order to rectify their legal status, for payment of fines for leaving the country.

2. There are approximately 28,000 Indians illegally staying in Kuwait due to residency/visa violations. All Indian illegal residents are urged to avail the above dispensation to either legalize their status or leave the country after payment of fines without being blacklisted. They should contact the concerned Residency Affairs Department of Kuwait with available documents to rectify their status or for payment of fines for leaving the country to avail the above opportunity.

3. The Embassy is ready to provide all necessary assistance to all those seeking the above special dispensation by issuing Emergency Certificates (travel document) expeditiously if required by the local authorities who are processing their documents under above scheme.

The requirement for issue of Emergency Certificate is as under:

(a) Prescribed format for issue of EC

(b) Three recent passport size photographs

(c) A copy of the passport (relevant pages)

(c) Payment of KD 5.000 consular fee for EC 4. For any query/clarification in the matter, please contact Shri A.K. Srivastava, Second Secretary (PIC/ CW) Tel. No. 22531716 and Mobile No. 97229914 or Shri B.K. Sinha, Assistant (CW) at Mobile No. 97164067 and Mr Mohammad Ashfaq Durrani, Local Staff member, Mobile-66680031.

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