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Embassy of Indonesia condemns terrorist attack in Jakarta
January 17, 2016, 10:37 am

Following the heinous terrorist attack that took place in Jakarta on Thursday, 14 January, the Embassy of Indonesia in Kuwait has in a press release noted that within hours of the attack the situation was brought under control by the authorities.

The press release pointed out that during the police operation all five terrorists were killed. The incident also led to the loss of life of two civilians and injury to around two dozen people, including five policemen.

The press release went on to add that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia condemns this heinous act of terror that has claimed the lives of innocent civilians and expresses its deepest condolences and sympathy for the bereaved families and victims.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia remains highly committed to combatting terrorism and will continue to take every effort to ensure the safety and security for all its citizens and foreign nationals in Indonesia. Moreover, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia encourages all citizens and foreign nationals to remain calm and continue with its daily activities.

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