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Employees complain of pay cuts
May 20, 2015, 4:53 pm

A plan to reduce outstanding work rewards at the Ministry of Electricity and Water caused a wave of disappointment among MEW employees who received ‘excellent’ evaluations in recent years. Their number is estimated at 13,000. The workers said they oppose the proposed reduction of their rewards by 5 percent, noting that it was a strange move from the ministry, which is supposed to encourage excellence and reward hardworking employees.

They added that the ministry seeks to take the deductions and give it to other employees who got ‘very good’ evaluations and this, to them will affect their job situation. The ministry, in a statement said that it studied granting those with ‘very good’ evaluations part of the outstanding work rewards as an encouragement, and this will not affect those with ‘excellent’ evaluation, adding that the value of deduction will not be over KD 10 from each employee. 

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