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Employer lands in jail for brutal torture
August 25, 2013, 12:34 pm

Administrator & Secretary of Abdulla Jassem Recruitment Agency Honeycel Bermudez  speaks to The Times and GMA 7 Philippines.


An employer of a 25 year old Fatima, house helper and native of Cotabato Philippines was sent to jail for torturing her from the month of April till July. The recruitment agency Abdulla Jassem, which found the house helper suffering from burnt skin, multiple lacerations on her head caused by blows and bruises and swelling in other parts of her body after she was returned to her agency, immediately filed criminal against the abusive employer.

The female Kuwaiti employer was arrested and later begged for forgiveness.

Talking with The Times, Fatima said that her plight commenced three days after she was taken by the employer from the agency office. “She pulled my hair, slammed my head against the wall, hit me with any object she held in her hands, cursed and called me names and worst was poured boiling water in my skin every time I dozed off from being so tired from a day’s work. I screamed in pain and begged her to stop but she refused. The tortures were endless and I suffered silently and prayed that she changes,” stated Fatima.

Fatima drew her strength from her parents, while she was tortured. “I thought of my ailing father and my poor family which depended on me. I prayed for my employer to change and stop whatever she did to me. I cried every night and could not sleep at all because of the burnt in my back and my head bleeds and aches due repetitive pulling of my hair and slams against the wall, I didn’t  have any medicines to curb the pain,” commented Fatima.

Early this month Fatima was returned to her agency with her employer without giving the agency any reason. After a day while speaking to secretary of Abdulla Jassem Recruitment Agency, Honeycel Bermudez, Fatima dropped unconscious and was rushed to the hospital, it was while she was treated when the burnt areas in her body, bleeding in her head and swollen parts were revealed.

The recruitment agency immediately secured a medical report and filed a criminal case against the female employer who was arrested after sometime and incarcerated. While in jail, family members of Fatima’s employer went on constant visits and calls to the agency seeking intervention to beg for Fatima’s forgiveness and retract the case. “It pained to see what happened to Fatima and what she had gone through. This was the very first time such incident occurred in one of our workers. We are here to support whatever is the decision of Fatima; she is very compassionate and thought of the small children left without their mother, she then decided to forgive her employer. We in turn pushed for a maximum compensation so Fatima can bring home a substantial amount to start her life anew’, commented Bermudez.

Fatima thanked her agency for getting her though this ordeal and the agency’s lawyer for defending her case. “I thank Abdulla Jassem Recruitment Agency for the compassion and kindness shown to me and for giving me this chance and opportunity to start a new life with my family. I urge employers to exercise understanding, mercy and kindness towards their house helpers and for workers to trust their agencies and report to them immediately before situations get worse” stated Fatima.

As for Bermudez, she thanked the Kuwait judicial system for giving Fatima her rights and for serving justice to her perpetrator. She also gave the assurance to their workers that the agency will provide support and assistance the best they can and when needed. Fatima travels back to the Philippines in the coming week.

Ricky Laxa
 Staff Writer
Photo taken of Fatima’s head after she was returned to the agency
Photo taken of Fatima’s burnt back
Front part to side of Fatima’s burnt back 
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