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Employers given chance to benefit from expertise of available workers
May 27, 2015, 7:36 am

Visa violators under code 71 will be granted two months grace period to adjust their position, and the 60-day grace period will begin June 1 until August 1, says the Director General of Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutawtah, reports a local daily.

Al-Mutawtah noted the concerned employees will avail of the period to legalize their residence status by transferring to other sponsors or return to their home countries. He explained the authority has taken the decision out of humanitarian consideration to give employers the chance to benefit from the expertise available in the country instead of letting the visa violators leave the country untapped.

He stressed that employers stand a better chance of employing people locally than spend longer periods recruiting workers who lack prerequisite experiences from abroad. He also said the authority has been coordinating with the Ministry of Interior to suspend arresting visa violators to allow them rectify their status. He declared measures that include visits to the labor offices in various governorates depending on residence visas of concerned employees have been considered.

Employers are obliged to obtain letters addressed to the Interior Ministry to verify whether or not their employees are under security restrictions by which it will be impossible to regularize their visa status, he added. He reiterated over 33,000 employees registered in 6,770 cases can benefit from the decision, urging employers to abide by the rules and regulations governing the labor market “because the inspection campaigns will continue, and violations in various establishments will be uncovered”.

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