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Engineering design exhibition key to society service - Info. Min
December 31, 2014, 8:30 am
Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah during the inauguration of the Engineering Design Exhibition.

Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah on Tuesday highlighted importance of the engineering design exhibition held at the Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University (KU).

The exhibition, one of methods enabling youths to serve their society, is an opportunity for Kuwaiti engineers to display their designing talents in all fields which will contribute to achieving the development plan of the country, Sheikh Salman, also Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said in a speech at the inauguration of the exhibition.

He said the Ministry of Youth was keen on supporting youth "because they are the leaders of development in future." Dr. Hussein Al-Khayyat, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum, said the two-day exhibition would feature graduation projects of more than 250 students. These projects, he added, would include solutions to some problems in the society.

Al-Khayyat hoped the ideas and projects of the students would be properly utilized to further improve engineering in the country.

Director of the center of Engineering Training and Graduates Center at the Faculty, Dr. Ammar Al-Sairafi, said the exhibition was part of the graduation pre-prequisites.
He said engineering design was a compulsory subject on all students.

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