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Ethiopian maid kills employer’s daughter in Sulaibikhath
March 17, 2014, 8:25 am

An Ethiopian housemaid allegedly killed the 19-yearold daughter of Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Youths and Sports (PAYS) Hamoud Fulaitah while she was sleeping at 6:00 am on Sunday. Preliminary investigations revealed the suspect, a 22-year-old Ethiopian housemaid, stabbed the victim in the chest and stomach four times.

The victim’s family found her lying in a pool of blood in her room; realizing it was useless rushing her to the hospital because she was already dead. The Criminal Evidence Department officers took her corpse and referred it to Forensics.

A security source disclosed the housemaid, after committing the crime, shut the door in the victim’s room and fled to Sulaibikhat Police Station where she reported the incident. She informed police that she killed the girl due to a dispute she had with her sponsor. The officers then referred her case to the Public Prosecution for the necessary legal action.

This is the 13th murder case involving a domestic worker against the sponsor, compared to sponsors committing the same act against their maids this year alone. The situation calls for a thorough investigation to determine factors leading to such incidents in order to take the necessary steps to prevent recurrence of such incidents in the future.

Meanwhile, statistical data obtained from Director of Public Affairs and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior Colonel Adel Al-Hashash revealed the Ethiopian population in Kuwait has reached 81,000; out of which 45,000 work as housemaids for Kuwaitis and expatriates. He confirmed the authority has prohibited recruiting housemaids from Ethiopia since two months ago.

He warned that anybody who defies the order by providing shelter to Ethiopian housemaids will face the legal consequences. He affirmed the authority will not be lenient with evil doers, because the government is not ready to trivialize security of lives and properties. He added that recruiting housemaids from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ethiopia has been banned.

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