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Ethiopian maid slices girl’s throat, stabs self in kill bid
February 10, 2016, 9:54 am

An unidentified female Ethiopian domestic worker has been admitted to the Farwaniya Hospital under police guard for stabbing to death the 23-year-old daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor, says a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior. The 23-year-old victim was reportedly sleeping when the maid tiptoed her way into the bedroom and stabbed her in the neck. The maid slit the girl’s throat until she bled to death.

A security source said the family of the victim, upon hearing the cries for help called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry and police rushed to the spot and took the suspect into custody. Initial Forensic report shows the victim tried to resist her assailant. The report also shows the suspect after ‘killing’ the victim stabbed herself several times in an attempt to end her life. The condition of the maid is believed to be critical.

Source: Arab Times

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