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Ex-MPs ‘involved’ in corrupt activities - Panel probes illegal transfers
March 21, 2015, 8:26 am

Recent revelations from the National Assembly imply that some former opposition lawmakers lied about protecting public funds, because they have been found to be involved in corrupt activities and illegitimate accumulation of wealth at the expense of Kuwaitis.A source said the Fact-Finding Committee on Suspicious Deposits and Transfers received some documents from the Real Estate Documentation Department at the Ministry of Justice revealing real estate properties registered under the names of some lawmakers from 2006-2012.

He asserted the documents contained names of 89 former and present lawmakers, indicating some of them are normal cases but others are still ambiguous. He went on to say the properties belong to some lawmakers and ministers who are members of the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), Popular Action Bloc and Islamic Salafist Movement and served in the government from Jan 1, 2006 to Dec 31, 2012.

He asserted 11 former lawmakers and ministers were found to own massive number of properties — eight of them belonged to various political blocs in the previous parliaments, while three others declared closeness to the government. He added the committee went further by requesting the department to check records of the first degree relatives of 11 former officials, unveiling more astonishing information on the amount of money spent for each property.

He cited as an example one of two former ministers from the ICM with four buildings registered under his name, while the other — a Salafist — has eight buildings in his name. He said three pro-government lawmakers were enmeshed in the scandal, alongside an ICM lawmaker and the fifth lawmaker was a member of the Popular Labor Bloc before he resigned to join the opposition.

He added the sixth former lawmaker, an Islamist who took part in storming the National Assembly building, owns over 200 investment and commercial properties. He disclosed 200 pieces of land were registered in the name of a former lawmaker and opposition lawyer.

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