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Expatriates account for 95 percent of private sector workforce
September 19, 2015, 5:34 pm

The Public Authority for Manpower has called for urgent reorganization in the country’s recruitment and employment policies, following recent statistics that reveal over 95 percent of the workforce in the private sector are expatriates.

According to the Deputy Director General of Labor Recruitment Sector in the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Mousa, the latest employment figures in Kuwait show that there are currently a total of 1,466,633 expatriate laborers employed in the private sector, of which 1,338,751 are men and 127,882 women. The number of Kuwaitis working in the private sector accounted for less than five percent of the total.

Emphasizing that the authority is keen to reduce this huge number of expatriates in the private sector, Al-Mousa clarified that this was necessary in order to organize the labor market. He made clear that the objective of this reduction was to ensure that only skilled laborers are brought into the country and to decrease the negative phenomena of having a large number of marginal laborers in the country.

Al-Mousa affirmed that the decision to reduce the expatriate numbers was taken after thorough studies were conducted considering all aspects of the situation, including Kuwait’s current population structure, its labor market needs and the actual employee requirements of companies.

He went on to reveal that as of mid-September 2015, the work permits of 22,019 expatriate workers had been cancelled for staying outside the country beyond that specified period, and a further 27,425 work permits were terminated after the workers decided to permanently leave the country.

Al-Mousa revealed that employers with governmental contracts are now able to complete their transactions electronically including the renewal and cancellation of their employees’ work permits.

According to the latest statistics issued by Manpower Public Authority, Indians top the list of expatriate workers in Kuwait with a total of 468,390 that includes 441,585 men and 26,805 women; followed by Egyptians with a total of 403,378, of whom 386,833 are men and 16,545 women.

The country-wise breakdown of the top countries in Kuwait having an expatriate population of over 10,000 are: India (468,390), Egypt (403,378), Bangladesh (140,992), Pakistan (92,692), Philippines (74,626), Syria (61,322), Nepal (42,736), Iran (27,714), Sri Lanka (23,246), Jordan (22,543), Lebanon (21,415) and Afghanistan (10,807).


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