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Expats to be deported for major traffic offences: Al Ali
August 11, 2013, 9:40 pm

The Traffic General Department reached an agreement with traffic courts around Kuwait to put traffic offenders to trial with penalties set at one month in jail and deportation for expatriates, as well as one month in jail or attending compulsory driving ‘rehabilitation’ classes. This was confirmed by the Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary Assistant for Traffic Affairs, Maj Gen Abdulfattah Al-Ali, who indicated that this condition applies on drivers who commit ‘serious’ offenses such as jumping the red light, driving without a license or at high speeds.

“You have been warned”, Maj Gen Al-Ali warned drivers through a news report published by Al-Rai daily yesterday. “Whoever respects the law is respected, and whoever breaks the law will be prosecuted and punished”. Al-Ali also denied allegations that traffic crackdowns have been suspended, or that deportation of expatriates over traffic offenses have been put on hold. Instead, he announced that ‘extensive campaigns’ are planned for the period after the Eid Al-Fitr holidays which officially ended yesterday.

He indicated that that the campaigns are going to start focusing on vehicles driving with expired registrations “which reach nearly 300,000 according to official figures”. Maj Gen Al-Ali was also quoted by Al-Anba yesterday as he stated that 35,000 drivers were arrested for driving without a license while KD 30 million in fines were collected since the beginning of traffic campaigns a number of months ago.

He also noted that around 900 expatriates have voluntarily handed over licenses they obtained illegally in order to avoid prosecution before a September 1 deadline. “The Traffic General Department will start after that date to summon people who obtained licenses illegally after having their names blacklisted”, he added. The senior official also indicated that traffic accidents during Ramadan have dropped by 60 percent compared to last year, and revealed that “a comprehensive study to impose stiffer penalties” is in the works.

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