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Experts decry law forcing expats to visit 3 ‘private hospitals’ for medical needs
January 14, 2017, 6:05 pm

Protests were raised by politicians and legal experts who condemned the law obligating expatriates who work in the private sector to deal with three specific private hospitals, calling it a violation of the Kuwaiti Constitution. The Chairman of Kuwait Society for the Development of Democracy Nasser Al-Abdali vocally argued that expatriates should not be forced to visit only three private hospitals considering they pay health insurance fees to the State, adding it was unacceptable and it should be the expatriate’s decision to choose the hospital whether in the private or public sector.

Lawyer Hamdan Al-Namshan reiterated that demanding expatriates working in the private sector and their families to be restricted to three hospitals for medical treatment that are run on Public Private Partnership will likely lead to monopoly which is detrimental to the masses.

He pointed out that encouraging difference in treatment of private sector employees and public sector employees was a violation of Article 29 of the Constitution that states “all people are equal before the law and there is no difference between them based on gender, origin, language or religion”.

Al-Namshan also expressed his opposition to the recent proposed price hike of the health insurance of expatriates from KD 50 up to KD 130, saying that the current fee of KD 50 is also a burden to expatriates. He questioned the sudden decision to raise health insurance fees for expatriates, especially since given the law, the money will be directed to the few people owning the three hospitals.

For his part, Chairman of the International Islamic Organization for Human Rights Mubarak Al-Mutawa also echoed the other protests saying that the decision violates Article 29 of the Kuwaiti Constitution, and there should be observation of the three private hospitals to prevent any abuse of expatriates.


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