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Expo Milano ’15 has significant importance, says Sheikh Salman
May 3, 2015, 9:13 am

Kuwait’s Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah said Friday the big official and popular attendance of the inauguration of Expo Milano 2015 sent a message to the world on the importance of development, food and humanity. Sheikh Salman, also Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said he was honored to represent His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah in the inauguration of Milano Expo 2015.

Sheikh Salman, while visiting Kuwait’s pavilion before its official inauguration tomorrow, hoped the pavilion would succeed in highlighting the “civilized and humanitarian image of our country, which has always supported humanitarian causes.” The Kuwaiti minister also visited the pavilions of Arab Gulf countries in Expo. He wished success for the Qataris, whose pavilion was about blending art and culture, with development and progress coupled with preservation of environment.

Commissioner General of Qatar’s pavilion Sultan Al-Khater thanked Sheikh Salman for his visit, and said it reflected partnership among Gulf countries in the face of challenges. Sheikh Salman, while touring pavilion of Oman, said the place reflected the tradition of the Sultunate and its relation to environment and how the country was utilizing water resources.

The Omanis have excelled in the investment of water resources coupled with their hospitality “that we have felt during our visit to the pavilion,” he said. Mohsen Ghulam, Commissioner General of Oman’s pavilion, said the Gulf countries were explaining to the European tourist and investor “our culture, history and civilizations as people loving peace, stability and blending with other people. “This is a genuine opportunity to highlight our civilized achievements, our future plans and history which is full of humanitarian achievements,” he said.

Sheikh Salman, while visiting Bahrain’s pavilion, said the Bahrainis have connected their history with domestic agriculture and environment. Chairperson of Bahrain’s Authority for Culture and Antiquities Sheikha Mai Al-Khalifa appreciated the visit of Sheikh Salman, and said Bahrain and Kuwait shared common history. Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah said Saturday Kuwait’s pavilion at Expo Milan 2015, “Challenge of Nature,” highlighted challenges facing “our country in providing water, agriculture, food and energy.” This theme “tells a story of a dream and reality and the hope of Kuwait, in past and present and future, which were made possible by the people of Kuwait who achieved an advanced genuine development in economic, development, social and cultural domains,” said Sheikh Salman in a speech at the opening of the pavilion.

This development mirrored Kuwait’s civilized image which was made possible through hard work and dedication, as well as proper use of human and natural resources, exchange of expertise in fields of science and technology for food security, said Sheikh Salman, representing His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. He said Kuwait, named by the UN as “Humanitarian Center,” was proud to be present at Expo Milan 2015. This pavilion, he added, would further cement relations between Kuwait and Italy that were established some 50 years ago.

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