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Extremist teachers face tough action
July 5, 2015, 10:28 am

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Bader Al-Essa affirmed that Kuwait University will take tough measures against the members of the teaching staff who are involved in issues concerning extremism, fanaticism and terrorism, adding that if their involvement is proven, the Cabinet will decide on the appropriate actions to be taken for dealing with such situations, reports Al-Rai daily.

Concerning the dismissal of Dr. Salah Al- Fadhli, a Professor of Faculty of Business Administration at Kuwait University, the minister clarified that the lecturer was dismissed because of his absenteeism and for not abiding by his teaching schedule, adding that the decision was in accordance with the regulations of Civil Service Commission (CSC). He revealed that Dr. Al- Fadhli, following his dismissal, assaulted a legal consultant in the Ministry of Higher Education by using a sharp object (paper cutter).

Meanwhile, Acting President of Kuwait University Dr. Hayat Al- Hajji said she had requested for Dr. Al-Fadhli’s timetable in order to check his attendance, and that he was dismissed after confirming his non-commitment to carrying out his work responsibilities. She added that Dr. Al- Fadhli showed no respect for his work timings, due to which he had signed his termination letter. On the other hand, Dr. Al- Fadhli accused the university administration of terminating his services because of some remarks he posted on his Twitter account and for his political stances. He has filed a complaint at the University Council For clarifications on his dismissal.

However, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Jassem Al- Mudaf affirmed that the university’s decision had nothing to do with his political tendencies or the posts he made on his Twitter account.

He explained that Dr. Al- Fadhli has skipped work for nearly four years and has been receiving salary illegally during this period. The decision behind his dismissal was taken through legal channels. Al-Mudaf indicated that Dr. Al-Fadhli is not registered in the faculty as a doctor but as a lecturer, revealing that the Public Funds Protection Committee will follow up the matter in order to retrieve the amount Dr. Al-Fadhli has been receiving illegally as salaries for the years he stayed away from work.

Source: Arab Times

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