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FIL-ASEAK donates P100,000 to Philippine typhoon victims
August 31, 2013, 10:40 am

Members of FIL-ASEAK responsible for the donation drive to assist victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. (Middle) Vice President Tina Sy shows the remittance slip of the donation.

Victims of the recent typhoons in the Philippines, which left thousands homeless, missing and dead, were the recipient of the donation drive launched by the Filipino Association of Secretaries of Employment Agencies in Kuwait. The cash donation, which amounted to Pesos 100,035.10 (KD 700), was sent to the account of the Kapuso Foundation of the GMA 7 Network Wednesday morning.

In an interview with the FIL-ASEAK secretary Jones Garcia, he said that the effort to raise the amount was remarkable as different recruitment agencies came forward voluntarily to donate funds courtesy of the owners and secretaries. Garcia highlighted that the agencies have always been one of the strongest supports of Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait through contributions donated in varied projects and continuous provision of assistance to distressed Filipino workers housed at the shelter. Beverly Tonogbanua, secretary of another agency, also expressed gratitude to all the agencies which actively participated in the fund drive to raise such substantial amount. As for Acting Labor Attache Ching Ardivilla, she lauded the secretaries for the initiative made and one the leading organizations that provided such support to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Among the agencies that contributed to the amount include Abdul Hadi Jasem Al Sairafi, Abdulaziz Saleh Buhamad, Abdulhamid Abdullah Al Safran, Abdullah Jassem, Abdulrahim Al hafiz, Al Ameery /ADM agency, Al Ayed, Al Marzouq, Al Qallaf, Al Reyahi, Al Sarraf, Ali Abbas, Asaad Alderbas, Bothaina Nassar Othman (Norma), Catherine Castillo, Eman Mohammed Johar, Eman Othman Al Mubarak Al Ameeri, Fahad Al Khaldhi, Faisal Al Ajmi, Fauzia Abdullah Al Habib, Fawziya Hadi Ahmad, Hammed Al Badri, Hassan Sayed,Hussain Saleh Zaid, Jafer Radhi, Jawad Al Bloushi, Kam Group, Khaled Al Sayed Yousuf Al Refai, Khaled Ibraheem, Khaled Jaber Al Haber (gina ramos), Laila Ghoulum Al-San, Mai Mohammed El Sharaf/Al Alamia, Maryam Mubarak Al Adwani, Marzouqah Office, Meshal Hassan Al Ahmad office, Mohammad Abdullah Saleh, Mohammad Al Serafi Office, Mohammad Johar, Mohammed Leftah Al Shammari, Mona Saba Taher, Maricris Sarbues, Riza Nalaonan, Mubarak, Nabilah Abas Farman, Nadia Mohammed Afshar Office, Nimer Khaled Naji Al Hajeri, Noura Mohammad Shafi Al Hajire, Saad Abdullah Hussein, Saadah Zaid Soud, Salah Fuad, Salma Ghanema, Sameera Abdulaziz (Jun Madamba) and Sulaiman Al Dahash.

FIL-ASEAK thanked The Times for its generous news coverage made to support the advocacies of the organization. They also thanked GMA 7 and The Morning Talk Show for their continuous support. FIL-ASEAK cash fund drive is on-going interested contributors may contact any of the secretaries of FIL-ASEAK.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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